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A guide about what’s the fuss about Before You Sleep

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THE GUIDE So, you got this link about a campaign. A game. Something like “Before You Sleep“. Kickstarter, maybe? Here’s a quick guide for you! THE GAME A group of people got together to create a different videogame. The game… Continue Reading →

The best optimizer is between your ears

I was working on Before You Sleep, as usual. Using GameMaker, and I’m very fond of it. But I hit a optimizer problem while at it. You see, there’s the idea of projecting images on a moving canvas. Sure, seemed… Continue Reading →

Teaching morality to a Computer Game Master

For our project, Before You Sleep, there is a need for the computer to judge the player actions as good or bad. In other words, the computer must have some notion of morality. But how? While discussing, I found that… Continue Reading →

The KickStarter campaign is live

Finally, after so much struggle, it’s live! The KickStarter campaign is finally live! Originally, we were going to release it in January. It was for the best, I believe, that we took our time to prepare more for the campaign…. Continue Reading →

Learning with oneself before you sleep

Learning is at the core of the exercise. Finding out what the mind is trying to work out is fruitless without learning from the experience. The good news is, learning is as natural as sleeping. Learning is often associated with… Continue Reading →

The Before You Sleep phenomenon

The Before You Sleep phenomenon, the self-improvement exercise that grew up from the homonymous video game and got a life of its own. The phenomenon We all have been there: after a long day, all we want is to sleep…. Continue Reading →

Development – Revisiting an old playground

So, we got this idea of a game, BYS (Before You Sleep). Like many of our ideas, this one looked quite cool… and atypical for development. As in: “it’s all nice and all, but, like… can we make it? Is… Continue Reading →

A new perspective about psychology-related games

Psychology. We always got interest in using psychology as to look videogames, specially the protagonist-player relation, under a new perspective. When a game uses psychology as an element, it generally goes in this two (non-excludent) ways: protagonist suffering dementia, schizophrenia… Continue Reading →

BYS – About phosphenes and inkblots

One of the main mechanisms in Before You Sleep is the act of remembering what happened during the day. This is done by flashes of images and narration. But, how can we visually represent those mental images that one gets… Continue Reading →

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